Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Socialism in several tweets

So the oft-ignorant Ben Shapiro said this:

On which he was swiftly educated:



  1. I think they are not reading his tweet. He isn't in support of socialism and is quite sceptical about democratic governments. Surely the thought of a media talking head that socialism can be efficient bureaucrats is a very ignorant take.

    1. I think they are reading the tweet, and responding appropriately. I agree he's not supporting socialism, but he's conceding the crucial moral ground needed to fight socialism effectively. He's agreeing in part with the original tweet, accepting that if you could get good and wise people to run our lives then that would be the ideal. He presumably just doesn't believe it's a realistic ideal.

      But others run our lives can never be an ideal, regardless of how wise the rulers are. That's why he's copping this deserved criticism. He's conceding to the socialists that theirs is the ideal, which encourages them to persevere with it.

    2. The problematic part is his second sentence, but what he means by it isn’t entirely clear.

  2. Remember Shapiro, like most religious conservatives, thinks people can be forced to carry to term, so on what grounds is he going to oppose violating peoples rights for socialism? It should be no surprise how shallow his tweet is.

    This is on top of the DailyWire's all out assault, along with the rest of the hopeless conservative movement, on the property rights of tech companies.

    Conservatives today are simply not capitalists and have no idea how to advance the cause, as Shapiro here demonstrates.

  3. I didn't know that Ben was an Alexander Pope fan.

    For Forms of Government let fools contest;
    whatever is best administered is best.
    Alexander Pope


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