Saturday, 21 July 2018

QotD: "...the universe is inviting you in—if you’re ready to pay the price of admission."

"The proper attitude toward life is a commitment to put in the thought and effort required, and then to expect success. Dedicate yourself to expanding your knowledge and to creating truly human values on whatever scale is open to you, and you will be able to live and thrive. Joy and personal happiness, though demanding, are possible and should be strived for—and then expected, because they express man’s actual, metaphysical relationship to reality.
    "You will confront many challenges and hardships in life, but no metaphysical impediments, no gods or fates or other unintelligible forces are lurking in the shadows, conspiring against you. On the contrary, and to put the point metaphorically, the universe is inviting you in—if you’re ready to pay the price of admission." 
~ Onkar Ghate, from his article 'Justice in a Benevolent Universe'

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