Friday, 20 July 2018

QotD: After Trump’s comments at this week’s press conference, Putin's FSB "ought to hang up a 'Mission Accomplished' banner."

"Yet Putin doesn’t have to tip elections to achieve his goal. He achieves it merely by sowing chaos and discord, which serves his goal of discrediting free countries as a superior model of government... The more conflict Putin sows in the West, the more he is able to point to the world’s vaunted democracies and sneer that this kind of 'normal life' is all an arrogant delusion.
    "From that perspective, Donald Trump’s presidency is a triumph of Putin’s information war. Trump’s comments at [this week’s] press conference were in response to exactly the kind of domestic discord the troll armies set out to amplify. Trump is now far more determined to fight his internal enemies and their 'Rigged Witch Hunt' than he is to stand up to America’s geopolitical foes. The FSB ought to hang up a 'Mission Accomplished' banner."

~ Robert Tracinski, from his article 'Why the Russians Are the Baddies (Again)'
[Cartoon by Rod Emmerson, NZ Herald]


  1. Trump is doing quite well with the Geopolitical spongers.
    An alliance with Russia which will not be spread about the screaming masses will realign Geopolitical power. The UN, NAT and EU will die, Theresa May will be replaced. Good bye enemies.

    1. Paul, I can't say I can always fathom what your gibberish is trying to say, but when I do the idiocy of it truly astonishes me. It's quite something.

  2. And if the media weren't a bunch of Pavlovian Chicken-Littles that went spiralling into shrieking fits everytime Trump raised an eyebrow then perhaps the effect of Russian activities would be severely muted. What Russia is doing is what they have been doing for decades. What's new is that the media are willing to not only go along with it but actively seek it out.

  3. There’s hypocrisy in the Left suddenly developing a fear of Russian influence, when decades earlier during the Cold War they couldn’t care less when the influence was more pervasive and dangerous. But it doesn’t make Trump’s words any more excusable. The fact you’re prepared to excuse Trump just because there’s idiots on the Left trying to make political gain from it shows distorted priorities.


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