Wednesday, 27 June 2018

QotD: "That there are now more overweight humans than starving humans is one of mankind’s greatest achievements."

"That there are now more overweight humans than starving humans is one of mankind’s greatest achievements."~ Damien Counsell.
[Hat tip Samizdata]


  1. Sort of. It's both an achievement and a failing. An achievement for the minority of human beings that have made this state of affairs possible. A failing on the larger proportion who take all this for granted, and can't adequately manage a reasonable balance between what they put into their mouth and their amount of physical activity.

  2. Capitalism, while being despised by the left,"capitalism is a blatant failure" Jacinda Ardern, has done a great job of providing the necessities of life.You will never see a fat person, except for the leaders(Kim Jong Un),in a country where the state controls the means of production and supply.Starvation is the norm, they will never have an obesity epidemic.

  3. Be big changes when the Grand Solar Minimum really kicks in

  4. Actually, this quote embraces a false dichotomy.

    People who starve also become overweight because the carbs they eat is stored up as fat. Their malnourished body 'says' "oh no! famine alert! famine alert!" And stores up whatever it can.

    Obese people who cut their intake might be making themselves fatter than before.

    Sounds very unintuitive doesn't it but do did 'taxation is theft' the first time around.


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