Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Bonus QotD: Climategate, the hack that failed

"Climategate is a name that will stick ... [But] Climategate is only like Watergate because previously unknown information was released. Beyond that, the events diverge profoundly because of the cover-ups....    "Watergate involved political actions for a political agenda ... [yet] the biggest sin and the reason it became exposed was that the cover-up failed. Climategate was a perversion of science for a political agenda. It was exposed, but unlike Watergate, the cover-up was deliberate, and coordinated, [and] was very successful because most of the public have no idea about the science, are unaware of the release of the emails, or [mis]understand their significance.
    "The deception, with its enormous cost and damage to the credibility of science, still continues."~ Dr Tim Ball, from his article 'Climategate is not like Watergate – Time for the Leaker to Try Again?'

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  1. I suppose there will be some discredit to science but to any scientific thinker the dicredit is to the globalist agenda of the left. That objective will fail as the EU and the UN crumble over the next decade. Lets hope they have honest scientists in Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic, the bithplaces of the new West.


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