Saturday, 21 April 2018

“... the political left is wrong about Islam and the right is wrong about Muslims.”

“... the political left is wrong about Islam and the right is wrong about Muslims.”
~ ex-Muslim and author Ali Rizvi talking to Newsroom reporter Farah Hancock about how the "the left’s reluctance to confront problematic parts of Islamic ideology has allowed the far-right to hijack the narrative about Muslims"
[Hat tip Council of ex-Muslims of New Zealand]


  1. A false dichotomy if ever there was one.

  2. Religious Islam is of little concern. What makes Islam so destructive is its politics and tribalism. It has no place in the secular west because it cannot co-exist and will, over time, use the democratic process to replace the democratic process with Sharia. Islam is playing a long game but I suspect the ease with which much of Europe has capitulated will have come as a pleasant surprise.


    1. Aside from religious often coinciding with mystical, in which case I consider it of great concern. The more a devotee is steeped in mysticism, the more likely you are to find him mowing down unbelievers in his motor vehicle.


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