Monday, 26 March 2018

Definition of the Day: Alt-Right

Alt-Right: A neo-Marxist post-modernist political ideology characterised by an affinity for European ethno-nationalism (white supremacy), anti-semitic conspiracy theory (group evolutionary strategy), atheism, biological determinism (race-realism), totalitarian modes of governance (National Socialism), combined with subversive Alinskyite promotional methodology (memes as arguments). In general, they share a disdain for Classical Liberalism (cucks), contemporary Conservatism (cucks) and Libertarian (cucks) political ideologies. Their main hostility is reserved for Social Liberalism in its current form but not in its methodology which they adopt and practice (poorly) in reverse. They also really really like using the word CUCK."
~ taken from the 'All Right' blog post 'Hannibal Ad Portas'


  1. I've only had some limited exposure to the alt-right, but in some respects that definition doesn't ring true compared to what I've observed:

    1. They certainly don't seem atheist. They are usually religious, and believe Christianity is foundational to Western civilization.

    2. They are not all anti-Semitic. Some are to be sure, but I'm not convinced they're a majority that defines the movement.

    3. They are not predominantly totalitarian. Generally they seem to be in favour of small government and free trade, except when it comes to free trade across borders.

    1. I think the term is probably misused, much like "racist" is used as a weapon to shut down debate, so that the likes of Tommy Robinson, Milo, Paul Joseph Watson, who are not white supremacist, or anti-semitic, and who are pro-liberty, are lumped in with those who are.

    2. Richard, I don't think the term is much mis-used, any more than I think those entities are exponents of liberty.

    3. Mark, I grant you there's some stretching -- to be fair it's more a description than a definition. I agree that the charge of atheism is a strange one; I think the writer is suggesting it is the conspiracy theorising that is often anti-Semitic, rather than the alt-righters themselves (although they are a scraping of the bottom of so many barrels, many are); I've seen very few interested in trade at all: most seem more interested in being "anti-left" in whatever form they think that might take, rather than being pro- very much at all.

    4. It might not be much mis-used, but it clearly is mis-used, no matter to what degree it might be. The individuals I mention are clearly not anti-semitic or white supremacist, but I have seen them more than once classed as alt-right, as has been Pamela Geller, who is Jewish.

      And those individuals are animated against Islam and the totalitarian left, in defence of freedom of speech, secular law, freedom of religion, etc, so I consider those individuals to be allies in the fight for freedom. If they are not, then I fail to understand why. Perhaps they might not be full-fledged libertarians (or perhaps they are, I have never seen them explicitly state their politics), but that is of little concern considering that they are the coal face of a totalitarian advance. They are very brave individuals, who have their lives on the line, literally, everyday in defiance of an enemy of Western civilisation.

  2. The neo-Nazi Trump supporters are certainly not a bunch of neo-Marxist post modernists. What a load of nonsense. Get your definitions from someone other than right-wingers who want to arbitrarily portray those they don't like as leftists.

    1. Barry, the alt-right acquired their tactics and their group-worship from their alleged enemies. They acquired them wholesale, simply lifting fro them the group=identity collectivism begun by Marx and embraced by post-modernism. The only real difference is that the group with which they identify is white.
      Make no mistake, they are not friends of individual liberty.


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