Sunday, 17 December 2017

Holiday reading

It's that time of year again when I try to prune my book stack to take away. Because how many books can you fit in a small backpack.

And this year I genuinely thought the only important summer reading to do was to re-read Thomas Sowell's brilliant trilogy on race and culture and migration and conquest -- because what could be more relevant, right!

But the book stack just kept right on growing ...

So what do I prune, readers?

And what's in your book stack for the summer?



  1. Thought I'd just read C.K. Stead's new novel, The Necessary Angel :)

  2. Victor Hansen's: The Second World Wars. Jonah Berger's: Invisible Influence. Martin Amis: The Rub of Time. Philip Larkin: Poems, selected by Amis. Joan Didion: The year of magical thinking. Niall Ferguson: The Square & the Tower. Viet Thanh Nguyen:The Sympathizer. Bourgeois Equality: Deidre McCloskoskey. Robin Harvie: Why We Run. Fleming Rose: The Tyranny of Silence - Suzuki S

  3. Have you thought about getting into Overdrive?


  4. Proust - The Guermantes Way
    James Lees-Milne - Holy Dread
    Bruce Page - Philby: The Spy Who Betrayed a Generation
    Roger Scruton - An Intelligent Person's Guide to Philosophy

  5. I've got a few mop-up operations:

    Dostoevsky - Crime and Punishment (the axe scene leaves R-ratings for dead)
    Peterson - Maps of meaning (shout out to my crustacean brothers)
    Huckleberry Finn (reading this to my daughter - we love jim's accent)
    Scruton - Aesthetics of Architecture

    Hey two scruton readers, jinx!


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