Sunday, 5 November 2017

"The age of gods is drawing to an end"

In Egypt support for imposing sharia (Islamic law) fell from
84% in 2011 to 34% in 2016. Egyptians are praying less, too...

"The age of gods is drawing to an end," observes Muhammad Syed, president of the Ex-Muslims of North America -- "even in countries dominated by Islam. Goodbye and good riddance to Allah & friends" he enthuses!
“We’re in religious decline,” moans [Egyptian cleric] Sheikh Muhammad, whose despair is shared by clerics in many parts of the Arab world. "
The is great news of (as the chart above shows) a very recent trend. The more the clerics moan, the more reasons to rejoice.

The irony is that as the illusions diminish in countries dominated by Islam, disaffected idiots in the west have become the easiest of recruits.

So the question now is raised: with what ideas do the ex-religionists replace their stale mythologies?

The battle of religions is dying: The battle of ideas can commence.


  1. And yet 88% of Egyptians support death for apostasy.

  2. While you will like the idea of atheism becoming dominant (I'm not sure it ever will become so despite its attractions) I think its mistaken to talk about Allah and friends as though all religions are equal - Allah doesn't allow friends or ideas outside its own strict boundaries while other religions such as orthodox Christianity have no issue with science and philosophical debate. Christianity is still doing okay - you can't look at the decline in the west (which does show some signs of reversing if Quadrant and other sources are correct) and use that as the only measure of success or failure.

    All times are interesting and the current age is especially so irrespective of whether you are personally interested in change - its interested in you. There seem to be big shifts ahead and while there will be plenty of ideas about they won't require religion to be obsolete at a personal level.


  3. I fear the modern battle of ideas, isn't such a puritan battlefield. The more you listen to those who would supplant god, you hear new gods, barely disguised. The green movement is as a religion. The climate change pushers seem to me bible bashers of a old kind. The "capitalism is dead" people are marxist wanna-be modern god puppeteers. I fear there is a circuit in men which needs religion, something in our DNA, that bypasses the brain. Instead of denying it, kicking and screaming to the grave, I have decided to embrace it and walk with it in dignity. The fabric of judeo-christian values is all around us. Gifts of our ancestors. You can try deny it, but the evidence is everywhere. I free-loaded (as a skeptical atheist) to mass last sunday and noticed the room was packed, and the stories were cool....


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