Friday, 20 October 2017

ACT: Liberal or Libertarian?

ACT's David Seymour labels himself two different ways to two different audiences on two different days.

But that's politics.

To LiberTV he's a libertarian:

And to the Spinoff audience, explaining what he learned form ACT's election drubbing, he's a liberal -- in the Gladstonian sense, naturally.

Importantly, he acknowledges ACT has a problem, which is always the first step towards fixing something, isn't it.
That we carried a brand tarnished by various shenanigans from 2009-14 certainly didn’t help. Perhaps we should have rebranded, as the party seriously considered after the last election. Perhaps we still should. 
Yes, they should.

He argues that ACT is necessary. That ACT is needed to challenge the mainstream  dogmas. But is being necessary sufficient to keep voters interested? Do the reasons to resuscitate outweigh the various shenanigans by which they are overshadowed.

If you think so then you should probably accept his invitation to help make it over.


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