Tuesday, 19 September 2017

James Shaw is a wanker

The delightful prospect of the country seeing the back of the Green Party after they fall below 5% on Saturday and depart the precincts of Parliament is given added importance by their continuing and rank hypocrisy.

Latest example from a top drawer of top-class chutzpah to choose from is their response to the damaged oil pipeline running south from Marsden Point that now holds Auckland’s airport hostage: Green Party undertaker James Shaw (to whom it may fall to take out the party’s corpse, fingers crossed), leapt into the fray to say that

the government's failure to provide [this] critical infrastructure was “negligent” … the government has a role in ensuring we've got fuel security," he said.

Can you smell the same stale stench of sanctimony there that I can?

At the same time as he and his colleagues in the Green movement talk about oil use as an “addiction” and protest every drop of oil taken out of the ground — oil drilling is “mad,” they say — it must be stopped “for the sake of the children” — and do everything they possibly can to make the production of power and the refining of fuel more difficult and more and more expensive; everything they can to raise costs and taxes on fuel; everything they can to make fuel more expensive and, with the RMA they support, to make construction of infrastructure and pipelies more costly and more uncertain; cheering loudly every time Lucy Lawless lambasts Shell or their own protests help sink a new pipeline — even as this anti-energy anti-industry zealot waves his anti-oil flag so flagrantly in our faces he has the gall to lecture in public about “fuel security” in a way that looks like he would know about or would value such a thing.

What a wanker.

An insult to those who do.

Let us hope after Saturday we wil never hear from him or his fellow luddites again.

It is the one thing about this election worth looking forward to.



  1. The world turns on a certain level of hypocrisy but this is breath-taking. Thank you for noticing.

  2. Hypocrisy and Greens go hand in hand so the fuel thing was no great deviation from the norm (Greens like to fly about like everyone else) but what nailed it for me was the support for a fat, useless, self entitled racist fraudster and thief. Oh how I hope they fall short of the 5% - as you say that risk makes the election worth watching.


  3. Unfortunately the Greens are immune to any analysis and criticism from the media so when he said this I knew that there would be silence on the hypocrisy of it all except here.

    Also note the premise that "the government" is responsible for providing everything in his mind, and the fact that it's effing terrible at everything it does doesn't occur to him and wouldn't bother him if it did.

  4. The Greens get an easy ride from the media, who are all taken in by the caring, kind, loving the environment image that hides an authoritarian and anti-scientific streak.

  5. the hypocracy is typical, given their underlying statist dogmatic overriding their green agenda. Green infrastructure would see the populace mortgaged donkey deep fellating Elon, and surrender to a world govt.
    His post election speech screamed sanctimonious socialist over reach. To expect Winston first to succor to the green's desires is a leap of faith which defies logic. W1st will want the maori seats gone, gold card upgraded to platinum, new pipeline to marsden point, a reduction in fortified wine excise taxes,


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