Monday, 7 August 2017

Quote of the Day: “You are worse than I am…”

"'Why haven’t you let them [refugees] out [from govt detention centres on Nauru & Manus Island]?' Trump asked [Australian PM Turnbull]. 'Why have you not let them into your society?’
"‘OK,' said Turnbull, 'I will explain why. It is not because they are bad people. It is because in order to stop people smugglers, we had to deprive them of the product. So we said if you try to come to Australia by boat, even if we think you are the best person in the world, even if you are a Nobel Prize-winning genius, we will not let you in. Because the problem with the people … ‘

"Trump interjected, to say: 'That is a good idea. We should do that too. You are worse than I am.'”
~ from transcription of telephone conversation between Donald Trump & Malcolm Turnbull, as reported in the Guardian and

Sydney Morning Herald


  1. the Drunken Watchman7 Aug 2017, 14:30:00

    PC, so what is the point of/ your opinion of that conversation and of the respective standpoints of the participants?

    1. It's what evil says when it thinks it's not being overheard.

  2. the Drunken Watchman7 Aug 2017, 16:06:00

    Trump's lost sarcasm aside,I guess you consider both of them to be evil.

    Reminds me of CO2-guzzling Al Gore and the rest of the warmists who want to collectively "set an example". They don't like "example setting" at a personal level.

    Morally superior sympathisers, rather than focus on the collective, might seek to individually sponsor a refugee(s).

  3. A refugee on Manus Island is understood to have taken his own life. Was it worth it, Prime Minister Turnbull?

  4. I'm always on the fence about these comments....I mean, I've said similar, in a joking manner--it's basic counter-signaling. And Trump is very much a "bro"; I could see him using counter-signaling among world leaders, as he would think of them as his peers. In fact, we know he does this. The only question is, is that his intent here?

    As for the content, I find it deplorable that free nations are restricting immigration. This has nothing to do with the war on Islamic totalitarianism; these restrictions have quite obviously been around a long, long time.

  5. Multiculturalism is code word for White Genocide
    Peter why not explain how ISRAEL does NOT let any of these refugees in ?


  6. The sadness is overwhelming.
    A 36-year-old Tunisian fell to his death leaning out from the balustrade of the terrace on top of Spezia cathedral, dying on the concrete, and comments with a clear racist background are appearing on the web: “One less”, “We will all end up in the coffin if the boats continue to arrive”, “One less to pay for”. The head of the Socialist group in the Liguria region, Raffaella Paita, criticised the comments in remarks he made and called on the administrators of internet sites to “control the content”.

    “Celebrating the death of a man who dies falling from the balcony of a cathedral,” said Paita, “is a sign of incivility. It doesn’t matter if he is an immigrant. Comments of this nature are expressions of an unjustified malice, capable of exacerbating an already difficult climate and not only due to the arrival of immigrants. The conspicuous presence of cynical phrases is the sign of an intolerant culture in which we find ourselves ever more immersed.”

    It’s unclear whether or not it was a suicide or an accident.

    It is clear that no one cares either way, they’re just glad he’s dead.

    We have a defense mechanism kicking in now. People are now able to laugh at these people dying, because they understand that they cannot live with these people, and thus them dying is good for their survival.

    That is quite a line to cross.

    So of course, the only thing they can say is, “we have to shut down the internet because these goyim are being mean. Meanness is bad.”

    *Translation via Diversity Macht Frei

    No value lost!

    A shitload of wellfare lost for his inbred family. And he will not be able to mow down peoples with a truck, which is kind of the tunisian national sport

    Just one more shit stain on the concrete.Somewhere Mussolini is laughing

    The sadness is overwhelming.

    Now if only this could happen 4.5 billion more times.........


  7. It's hardly evil. It's about setting standards. Come openly through the front door, or don't come.

  8. the Drunken Watchman8 Aug 2017, 12:21:00


    Happy to see you can acknowledge sarcasm (if that's what you mean by "counter-signalling". The MSM (and maybe this site)looks pretty silly trying to misrepresent it as something which better suits their narrative, imho.

    "I find it deplorable that free nations are restricting immigration". What say you reserve "deplorable" for when these nations are really free, and the collective is relieved of the responsibility they are currently forced to take for the refugees?

    To suggest that unrestricted immigration should precede the latter is a little coercive, isn't it?

    Fortunately, the un-deplorables are not restricted in their ability to help refugees at an individual level, rather than to foist the responsibility onto the collective. I suggest they seek ways to help refugees, through direct sponsorship or otherwise. Adam Smith's invisible hand :)

  9. "What say you reserve "deplorable" for when these nations are really free, and the collective is relieved of the responsibility they are currently forced to take for the refugees?"

    I think this is one of those cases where reasonable people can disagree. I think that reforming our political structures to preclude the rest of us foot any bills immigrants may incur should be the higher priority, but I can certainly see the validity of arguments for your stand as well. Plus, I'm not advocating unrestricted immigration; reasonable restrictions (eg, ensuring enemies can't smuggle people in) are clearly in line with the concept of liberty--liberty does not mean one is obliged to commit suicide!

    My comment was more about what such a refusal says about the situation in general--it's a bad sign, but of a myriad of problems.

    "I suggest they seek ways to help refugees, through direct sponsorship or otherwise."

    100% in agreement here. Most immigrants are religious; if religious institutions have any excuse for existing this is it! I can also see companies offering work sponsorships--the California farmers have really felt the pinch of the loss of cheap labor, as has the construction industry. Let them foot the bill.

  10. "Happy to see you can acknowledge sarcasm (if that's what you mean by "counter-signalling"."

    More or less. Counter-signaling is what happens when you're close enough to a person that you don't need to follow social norms with them. The violation of social norms becomes a symbol of your friendship. Think Ragnar coming into Galt's house and taking enormous liberties in it, or...well, most of the relationship between Rearden and Francisco. And I agree, the media's attempts to spin this into some huge thing are just sad. Worse, they get away with it! We've become so thin-skinned as a culture that we can no longer carry on casual conversations or engage in good-natured ribbing!

  11. the Drunken Watchman9 Aug 2017, 11:46:00

    hi Dinwar

    Thanks for your reply, nice to see a civil response.

    (By now you are supposed to be calling me an islamophobic sexist racist homophobic xenophobic white supremicist :)[sarc/ countersignalling])

    There is a bit in the book "The Year of living dangerously", when Billy Kwan the dwarf lectures the Australian journalist (Mel Gibson in the movie). Mel is trotting out the usual western liberal refrain, railing against the injustices in Suharto's Indonesia. Billy tells Mel that he can help put things right if he wants, Mel responds with the usual cliche - but it would just be a meaningless drop in the bucket blah blah. Billy says No. "See that poor woman over there? You can give her everything you have - it will help her".

    He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone...

    Cheers, Tim


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