Sunday, 27 August 2017

Quote of the Day: On the short-term vision of so-called poverty campaigners

"'Hone Harawira and Marama Fox say that the cost of their number one policies [respectively: feeding kids and no GST on primary produce] doesn’t matter, that it should just be done.'  
    "Enduring, entrenched poverty and the plight of our most needy? Look to the short term lack of vision of successive spokespeople on their behalf. Where’s the reality checking? What about the fact that vouchers, instant fish fingers and food bank handouts are not a patch on fishing lessons, rods, nets, the securing of a spot on the river, community vege gardens, fiscal, numerical, language upskilling? Where’s that mentioned, Hone and Marama?
    "The message has clearly changed since Tariana let Fox take over. Looks like on top of Weet-Bix, fruit and milk, Harawira wants lunch and dinner too."

~ commenter 'traveller' on The Nation's minor-party leaders debate 


  1. Plus they want GST off fruit and vege to make good food affordable, but support a water tax on fruit and vege.

    Not a lot of thinking going on.

    I decided to float my vote this election on two issues, euthanasia and legalisation of cannabis, but have seen, finally, I can only vote ACT, just a pity that helps the Catholics of National get back in: although on those issues, Labour is as conservative. Plus per the leaders debate, it's obvious David Seymour is only MP in Parliament defending the rights of taxpayers to their income and wealth.

  2. If they want to get rid of poverty, tell their thousands of unemployed youth to go and get an apprenticeship. The govt will pay for them.
    Most tradesmen I know are quite well off.


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