Monday, 28 August 2017

Q: What are the three most harmful modern myths?


[Hat tip Vinay Kolhatkar]


  1. Hard to choose, but: Climate Alarmism.

    In fact, do you want to rearrange the question?

    Climate Alarmism isn't a myth - the reality is that climate alarmism is a very, very expensive canard.

  2. #3. The first no one really takes seriously anyway. The second is dangerous, sure. The third, however, undermines every attempt to establish a rational culture and acts to divide society into warring tribal factions, resulting in the open violence we're seeing in the USA these days.

    1. There have been warring tribal factions since before the wheel was invented. Being outspoken on superior/inferior cultures won't change anything.

    2. Agreed. However, you have to remember that Cultural Relativism only swings one way. It's fine to talk about how great Soviet Russia was, or how fantastic some tribe where the life expectancy is 25 years is. The only thing NOT allowed to be praised is Western culture. This is slowly erasing Western culture, including science, medicine, and reason. It's already erased much of art, music, literature, and the uniquely Enlightenment-era political perspectives.

      It's one thing for tribes to war with one another. It's quite another for a culture to intentionally commit suicide so that its people may join them.

  3. 3 If you can'take evaluate other cultures objectively, then we all have a big problem.


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