Monday, 3 July 2017

Quote of the Day: On bludging sailors and subsidised Cups

“It’s starting to look as if Grant Dalton is well-named, because he’s after another one. A grant. A handout. A reach-around from taxpayer to pocket -- the pocket being his and his colleagues, the lever to extract the dosh being the fear “we” may not have [an] America’s Cup [defence…
    “Because his America’s Cup programme is looking increasing like it’s just welfare for well-fed sailors.
    “If he and his colleagues want to run another challenge, then I suggest they approach a few of those businessmen and women who can be heard saying the America’s Cup would be “good for the economy.” People like
Marine Industry Association bludger-in-chief Peter Busfield [who says “a decision not to invest would be disastrous for New Zealand.” If people like Mr Busfield think it would be good for their economy, then let them either front up, or shut up. Put your hand in your own pocket, Peter, and keep it out of ours."
~ quote from this blog’s 2014 post ‘Piss Off, Grant.

“The bottom line is this: if people with their own money want to enjoy having a team in the Cup,  then all power to them. Great. Put up your own dosh.
    “If businessmen and women think a Team NZ in the America’s Cup will help their business, then all power to them too. Let them put up their own money to help their business out.
    “And if politicians, like [Bill English] and Steven Joyce et al want a place at the international sporting table, then let the bastards go out and get a real job to earn it.
    “[And] don’t employ economists to write bullshit on your behalf to justify your expensive grandstanding.”

~ quote from this blog’s 2014 post ‘Sailing in Subsidised Waters



  1. Hear hear Peter!

    Taxpayer funding sours the whole thing.

  2. Let the sponsors that sponsored them this time around also sponsor them for the next Americas Cup - or be given the option. These companies have made millions from their sponsorship through the medium of advertising. That is why they do the sponsorship deal; not because of philanthropy or because they love sailors (though every girl does), or because they are really nice guys - the dollar is King. The NZ team should be seeking sponsorship now if they need financial support to see them through to the next phase of their defense. And this should be from the companies that have already made a killing from their sponsorship to date - not from me or from other taxpayers who have made absolutely bugger all from the Americas Cup. And any deal they do should also include a rider that sponsorship must continue after the next defense until the one after - which of course may also be a challenge.
    But of course politicians will see which way the wind is blowing and act accordingly. After all IT'S NOT THEIR MONEY!! Would be interesting to see how far English or any of the other leeches would reach into their own pockets.

  3. What absolute rubbish. Do some basic research on the impact of this event on the economy and psyche of the nation before spouting unsubstantiated nonsense

    1. ...researching psyche of nation now...
      Wow, you're right! Kiwis love getting arse raped by rich tossers.

    2. Actually anonymous, you have the burden of proof on this one. Since you want to spend the money, you have to prove the advantages. And you have to do it in a way that makes it clear how I will be advantaged, since it's my money you want to spend.

      Now, if the research is as basic as you suggest, perhaps you can share some of it here?

    3. What about the last time the America's cup was hosted here Roedolf? The economic benefits were substantial.

    4. I don't know, Ben. What about the last time the america's cup was hosted here?

      Were the economic benefits substantial? Benefits to whom, exactly? How much did you make? I know I didn't make anything. Neither did any of my friends. So who did? The restaurants? Hotels? Bars?


      Then they can sponsor the event, and write off the costs against their increased profits.

      Why is it that Kiwis are always bleating about "socializing the cost, and privatizing the profits" until it's a sport they personally like? Then they are all for paying the costs out of someone else's wallet.

  4. Peter , why you racist against Emerites !
    Americas Cup Good for NewZealand and Business with Muslims

  5. Typical, Peter showing his jealously again . Peter can YOU actually sail at all?
    Why are you so jealous Peter?
    I thought better of you.


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