Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Q: Does race/ethnicity matter?




  1. First up Peter, We cannot have open discourse when you are censoring.
    However you don't seem t get that, so in regards to this subject " Does Race/ethnicity matter? ". First can you please define what race is , second what is the total list of the "races", thirdly: define the term "matter" in this context.



    1. If you have a point to make, why don't you just make it - rather than sending Peter a list semantic and presumably loaded questions? What on earth would "the total list of all races" add to the discussion, and why would Peter or anyone else have motivation to respond to that request?

    2. Mark T , You seem to not know what eliminating the fallacies is when it comes to Aristotelian Rational logic and objective reduction .
      Why you so angry?
      PS: There is NO discussion going on here at this blogsite because the owner of the blog has forgotten one of the founding principles of objectivism . That is one of Ayn Rands principles : NO censorship.
      May I ask , Mark. Are you public school"educated".
      Were you taught the Trivium and quadrivium at the school you went to?


    3. Jane,

      From the vid: "I don't believe that races exist yeah we have different colors of skin but race is an insignificant irrelevant silly idea"

      So in answer to the first question; 'race' is the means by which racists catergorise their fellow man.
      The second question needs to be addressed to those who do catergorise their fellow man by race. (we know, race is a social construct blah blah)
      If you are not one of those folk who catergorise their fellow man by race then race is not a subject that matters, it's a non-subject.


    4. "May I ask , Mark. Are you public school"educated"."

      You cite Rand then use the Fallacy of Intimidation. Quite ironic. Further, you appear to have missed the part where she discussed how censorship is ONLY possible to a government. What you are complaining about is the blog author exercising his property rights and refusing to give you a platform--you are, in fact, demanding that he act in an altruistic manner. And using Rand as your justification. Complete bilge.

    5. Warwick: I'm something of a heretic in this regard--I think there is some justification for a biological concept of race in humans. Certain medications operate differently among different groups, for example; certain groups process different foods (alcohol, dairy, and a few others) differently; certain groups can even make sounds others can't (the ! sound used in some African languages). This implies a certain amount of genetic isolation--not complete, but sufficient for populations to diverge. These populations can be called races.

      This DOES NOT equate to what racists mean when they use the term. For one thing, there are more races (by my definition) within Africa than outside it. For another, there's nothing indicating superiority in my definition.

      I will agree that the socio-economic concept of race is utter garbage--scientifically, sociologically, economically, and historically.

    6. Dinwar - I don't think there's anything heretical in that, nor do I think's it's racist to acknowledge certain races may have a higher or lower chance of success/failure in a given area. For instance I think it's pretty clear that black Americans have a greater chance of being basketball stars. Ultimately though race does not matter to any great degree, because as human beings what matters most is not what genetic hand of cards we're dealt at birth, but the culture we're born into and the choices we make. It only becomes racism when you falsely attribute differences that are the result of culture to race instead.

  2. Mr Peter Cresswell, this blog of yours is a joke and as UNlibertarian as I ever come across!
    I come back here five times to have an open discourse and my posts are censored and I do not have time or the inclination to come back here again and gain checking .
    You are NOT a libertarian and this bog site is full of very angry insane people like this Mark T who have no insight, no logic and no manners.
    You are a joke Peter Cresswell and a disgrace to Libertarians world wide.
    You need to join a communist group that loves censorship !



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