Thursday, 27 April 2017

Projects, Day 4: Victoria country weekender

So I told you the other day I’d give you some idea of some of the things I’ve been working on recently that have kept me away from blogging.

This one is a small, inexpensive weekender on a tiny Victorian country street…

16018-Perkins~19 - Picture # 1
16018-Perkins~19 - Picture # 3
16018-Perkins~19 - Picture # 4



  1. Its frighteningly small, especially for an Australian who lives in Goornong.
    We need 65 metre garages and storage spaces. Now instead of that long walkway to welcome Malcolm Turnbull, that's where an inexpensive big enclosure goes. [ tools, cars, washing machines, studio, place to put wife, children shag around room, place to drink Castlemaine beer, hobby room, artist room, insurrection headquarters stuff like that ].
    And the study at 2.2 by 1.2. What can you do with that.
    I value a decent garage at the same as a bedroom. It needs to be the size of the tiny house or more.

  2. Looking at the car outline I'd say you are targeting the Asian market. Put some fall on the roof.


    1. I'm 'targeting' the couple who commissioned it. :-)

      No need for fall: we're obviously using the roof to collect water -- this is Australia, after all, but we're also keeping an inch or so of water on the roof to help moderate temperature swings. (Also useful in bushfire season.)

  3. I like the look of that... A Frank Loyd wright roof/eaves overhang might be cool..??
    Are u able to share what the build cost on this might be...?? big is the section..??
    I love the enclosed courtyard...
    This is close to what I might like for my retirement yrs.... Simplicity , but with room for my books...


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