Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Quote of the Day: Open immigration does not mean open borders


“Open immigration does not mean that anyone may enter the country at any location or in any manner he chooses; it is not unchecked or unmonitored immigration. Nor does it mean that anyone who immigrates … should be eligible for … citizenship—the proper requirements of which are a separate matter. Open immigration means that anyone is free to enter and reside in [a country]—providing that he enters at a designated checkpoint and passes an objective screening process, the purpose of which is to keep out criminals, enemies [of that country], and people with certain kinds of contagious diseases."
~ Craig Biddle, from his article ‘Immigration and Individual Rights’


1 comment:

  1. An objective screening process of course means that permission is needed. It is only citizens who don't need permission. So why the complaints against Trump's wall? Its aim is to ensure a screening process.


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