Monday, 26 December 2016

Peace on Earth


Clearing my spam this morning, my moderator sent me this choice morsel to enjoy, posted as a comment by a regular troll.

Contemplate that the author of this screed took time out on Christmas Day to sit down and pen this very special, thoughtful and caring message...

May you contact Aids , Ebola and a massive dose of Anal Rot , in the New Year , Faggwell You truly are a Vile little Rat that needs to see the inside of an Oven We ALL know you are an INSANE JEW LOVING WAR MONGER that Hates the White Race Merry Christmas from TRUMP and the Deplorable's [sic]




  1. Looks like something from Dad4justice.


  2. Well you do attract the nicest people. But free speech only has meaning when we allow it for those we disagree with. Anyway have a happy, healthy and free new year.


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