Tuesday, 6 December 2016

American Politics and the rise of Trump - Liberty on the Rocks: Happy Hour



Well, technically, I guess, given the election and the candidates on offer it should be called an unhappy hour. But since it’s at a handy Mt Eden location filled with liberty lovers and Belgian beer, the last Liberty on the Rocks event for 2016 can’t fail to be a happy affair.

And this time we’re joined by someone who was once a delegate in the US Presidential Election political process to answer all your burning questions. Like:

How does the American political system work?

Is it a Republic? A Democracy?

How in the world did Donald Trump just come to power?

Come get all your burning questions answered by someone who was a delegate in the US Presidential Election political process.

Liberty on the Rocks is a happy hour for liberty-minded folks looking to meet others, build their knowledge and friendships over beers, food and great conversation.

Join us anytime between 6-9 PM at De Post in Mount Eden. Anyone is welcome! This is a very informal happy hour although we do bring in speakers for about 30-minutes each night and sometimes host activities/games. We are always welcoming to newcomers and anyone interested in the ideas of liberty, peace and voluntary interaction.

When: Tomorrow, 7 December
What time: From 6-9pm
Where: Upstairs, De Post Belgian Bar, 466 Mt Eden Rd (

See you there!


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