Thursday, 3 November 2016

McCully dances



Murray McCully is a forward-thinking Foreign Minister who always knows how to get things done. 

Actually, no, he’s not. As the Saudi sheep-to-sand deal has always suggested, he’s either incompetent or corrupt. And as the just-released 18-months-in-the-preparation AG report into the deal has just decided he is definitely not corrupt (can’t be; the AG says so!), that only leaves the other alternative.

Hearing him yesterday declare Saudi Arabia to be “the gateway for the African continent” confirms that conclusion – also suggesting he invest in a better atlas. (And as one wag said yesterday, "’significant shortcomings’ is probably the best performance review Murray's had in ages.")

McCully’s pandering to Hmood Al Ali Al Khalaf – from sending him millions of dollars, then flying over live sheep, to setting up some kind of “Agrihub” in the middle of the Arabian desert, to who knows what else? – it all suggests less a competent minister than someone who is being well played. It puts one in mind not so much of a crafty Metternich who “gets the job done” but a small-time Nigerian scammer made by a good scambaiter to be his dupe.

Something like this, with McCully being the retard with the skateboard:



[Cartoon by Emmerson]




  1. Another example of tax payers money being used as a lubricant for dubious political agendas.

  2. This how business gets done in some parts of the world. If you want their money you have to give them some of yours first while being prepared to fail. Saudi is going to be a flea pit in a few short years so we need to plan with that in mind. Politicians show their skills at picking winners again.



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