Thursday, 24 November 2016

How things have changed


It’s easy to forget how many things have changed so very much in so very few years. Those of you especially who have grown up with the internet might look askance at this story a friend plucked out from his archives this morning; a story from a London newspaper about my former West London footy club.

It was considered “a “story because, wait for it, the club was connected to something called “the internet.” This, at the time, was considered impossibly exotic. Explains the unofficial archivist and former official webmaster:

Twenty one years ago today, we launched the third Australian Rules football club website in the world* which made a grand total of eight sites on the planet devoted to Aussie Rules.
    In the initial days, our email was faxed to us because unbelievably, none of us had an email address in London … and if you tell that to the young people today, they won't believe you....


* Pipped by Essendon and Collingwood.


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