Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Can you rely on the govt in a quake?


It’s said that it’s in times of disaster that governments come immediately to the fore, with reliable news, information, warnings …

But do they?

The timeline of Kaikoura's 7.8 quake and the blundering government response gives grounds for disbelieving that comforting mantra.

The nation was spared the devastation of five years ago when 185 people were killed in the Christchurch earthquake. But some consider it was more by luck this time than by good planning.
    Here's what happened, minute by minute, after the quake hit early Monday, with details on how officials intend to improve…

Officials pledging improvement do not include Gauleiter Brownlee, who has spent the time since the earthquake defending himself by tarring others.

He has much to defend – which is hard when you don’t listen.


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