Tuesday, 18 October 2016

‘Kallis-Sharlin Residence,’ by Rudolph Schindler



Austrian architect Rudolph Schindler worked briefly with Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles before breaking out on his own. Immediately after the war, in 1946, in a postwar California still with many shortages, he built this inexpensive home for artist Mischa Kallis (1903-1987) – a one bedroom House for an Artist with studio and living on one level, with guest area below and garage and entry above.


The architect’s ‘Schindler Frame’ frees up the walls above head height for light and sun through clerestories, and to flexibly mould the ceiling spaces.


Pasado a JPG por Urbipedia desde archivo PDF 
Origen : http://descartes.upc.es/historiaenobres/index.php?idioma=es

The house was renovated since construction to add a new public space between house and studio, which is now the master bedroom – and it is now for sale!


[Pics by Tom Zasadzinski/Cal Poly Pomona/LA Times, Architecture for Sale, Urbipedia)


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