Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Blog stats for September ‘16


When I have time, I like checking out this blog’s monthly stats …


I started posted my blog stats here again a few months ago because a few donors were asking. (How do you become a donor? Good question: Here’s your PayPal link.) So right up there is what Google says my stats are for last month, which were wildy overblown but are now beginning to look more likely. (and how cool is seeing that it’s now ticked over 8 million all-time page views! I’ll take that.)

Statcounter has the more reliable figures here:


If you’re wondering about the reach of NotPC, that’s probably the more accurate. (And if you’re thinking that’s pretty good and want to encourage it too, then why not head to the PayPal link on the l.h. sidebar and say so.)

So, anyway, here are Statcounter’s figures for the month just finished:

Unique visitors [from Statcounter]: 41,4670 (down from 41,949 last month)
Page Views [from Statcounter]: 58,159 (down from 59,972 last month)

As you might notice that’s starting to look a a lot more like the Google figures at the top..

This sort of suggests that counting stats is far from exact science, one reason I’d stopped posting them. Still, if their latest figures are valid, even the lower Statcounter figures would comfotably make me the sixth-most read blog in the only place that records NZ blog rankings, and the fourth-most read political blog behind Kiwiblog, the Daily Blog and the Double Standard– and with way fewer ads than those other scum buckets. (A caveat here though: that blog-ranking system uses SiteMeter, which I don’t. And for reasons of their own it excludes the two ‘biggies’ who keep their numbers close, their enemies closer, and the advertising smeared all across their pages: Whale Oil and Public Address.)

Anyway, for what it’s worth Google says these are the Top Ten Most-Read Posts in the month of September:

  1. Time for SOLO to change its name
  2. Who’s the better person? Paris Hilton or Mother Teresa?
  3. Leaky Homes, Part 2: What's going on behind your walls?
  4. Hobson’s Pledge: Racism?
  5. A villa is not a bungalow
  6. Family tree of economics
  7. A skeptic went to a 9/11 Truthers convention. You probably will believe what happens next.
  8. Stripper scandal outrageous
  9. Seymour bags the National Socialists
  10. Don’t lose friendships over politics

And these seem to be the Top-ten sites that sent people here, in order:

No Minister, Facebook, Kiwiblog, Lindsay Mitchell, Gus Van Horn, NZ ConservativeLife Behind the IRon Drape (odd, since he doesn’t post any more), Real Good Name, Twitter, Samizdata, and pulse.me/. (Thank you all.)

So in summary, things are going moderately well, and it seems the blog is still a force in the thinking world. (So if you want to donate to help keep that going, please be my guest at that Pay Pal link up on the top left!)

Either way: Cheers, and thanks to you all for reading, linking to and talking about NOT PC this month,
Peter Cresswell

PS: Now, for the geeks…

they’re reading Not PC here:


Because what else would you be doing in Palmer, Alaska other than reading Not PC?

top countries/territories
NZ 59%; US 14%; Australia 7%; UK 3.3%; India, 1.4%; Canada, 1.2%; France, 1.0%; Korea, 0.8%;
… top cities
Auckland 21%; Wellington 8.1%; Christchurch 5%; Hamilton, 2.3%; Tauranga, 1.8%; Palmerston North, 1.1%;  Bloomington, Indiana, 1.0%; Brisbane, 0.8%; Phnom Penh, 0.7%; London 1.0%;  Perth, 0.6%
… readers' browsers
Chrome, 34%; Mobile browsers, 26%; Firefox/Flock 13%; IE Explorer 8%; Tablets, 8%; Safari 7%
… readers’ OS
Mobile, 27%; Win 7 22%; Win 10, 21%; OS X 10%; Win 4.2: 9%; iOS, 6%; Win XP, 2%; Linux 2%; Android 1%;
…. platform
desktop, 67%; mobile, 26%; tablet, 8%
… readers’ desktop screen widths
360x640, 28%; 1366x768, 23% ; 1920-1080 20%; 1440x900, 9%; 768x1024, 8%;



  1. Hah. My Life Behind the IRon Drape still gets good reads because I push relevant posts on Twitter or elsewhere. (Plus I tend to you my blogroll for seeing new posts up, thus launch myself into your blog from there also).

  2. My first link to here was from a Catallaxy Files blogger. Thanks him and thank you.


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