Monday, 31 October 2016

An Open Letter to Donald Trump


The underdog, the diehard, and the lost cause. It’s beginning to look like Donald Trump may be all three. So today Bill Bonner extends a helping hand with an open letter to the Republican presidential candidate…

Virtue of Ignorance

Dear Mr. Trump,

First, we would like to apologise for all the insightful and well-informed things we have written about you. (Catch up here, here, and here.)

But please keep in mind the context in which those remarks were made.

Honestly, we think you’re tremendous. Tremendous. We love you. You are an imbecile, it’s true. But at least you are not a conniving, power-grasping, finger-pointing harpy.

You at least have the virtue of ignorance.

You seem to have no idea what you are doing – like an oversized plant in the lobby of the Federal Reserve’s Eccles Building with no clue about what really goes on in the offices above you.

So, of the two candidates, you are probably the least repulsive in many ways. It is hard to tell.

Second, our reason for writing is to help you…

You may recall that when Mr. Bernanke gave up his post at the Federal Reserve Bank, our name was mentioned. Not positively, of course. But what do you expect?

Our central bank has been taken over by delusional economists who believe they can improve on the workings of a free market by fixing the price of credit. So, anyone close enough to the Fed to have an opinion about the next chief is by definition a fantasist.

That is why I would like to offer you an alternative…

Rigged System

I recognise that there is little chance you will be elected because of the amateurish and brutish way you have conducted yourself – both during the campaign and during your entire life (if you don’t mind us saying so).

You claim the “system is rigged.” But you never seemed to understand how.

You never mentioned that the economic system has been distorted by fake money (the purely paper fiat dollar).

You never understood how the political system was perverted, either. You never bothered to explain how Ms. Clinton, her husband, and the entire Deep State establishment corrupted the nation… or how they profited from it. Ms. Clinton had to be the biggest, easiest target a politician could ask for. Just look at today’s front page of USA Today. And you missed!

And you never offered a single coherent proposal for correcting these things.

This left the dunderheads in the press to focus almost exclusively on “character” issues – you know, like using your celebrity status to get away with groping women against their wishes… or using an almost $1 billion tax-loss carryforward to avoid paying federal income taxes for over a decade.

(Speaking honestly… man to man… we sympathise with you on these issues. Although we’ve never had the cojones to grab a woman’s derriere uninvited, we’ve also never seen a tax loophole that we didn’t want to kiss, grope, and fondle.)

In any event, it is in the spirit of ersatz helpfulness and civic mischief that we write to you now. We would like to help you shift the focus of the press coverage from the Flawed Person to the Solid Plan.

Man Without a Plan

The problem was always painfully obvious: You didn’t have a plan that was worth a damn.

That’s why you were always humming and faking… improvising… making it up as you went along.

That got you the support of people who wanted a “strong” personality on the national stage… someone unfettered by real thought or study.

But, sadly, it left the cameras looking at your head rather than Hillary’s… and at the hole where there should have been a real plan… rather than the insidious, parasitic, larcenous, but nevertheless real, plan of your opponent.

You probably have no idea what we’re talking about. You’re a dealmaker. A promoter. A showman. An impresario. A real P.T. Barnum. A lion tamer and a freak show in one tent.

Those qualities keep you in the media spotlight. And they have made you the choice for voters who hate Hillary and her Establishment chums.

But those qualities aren’t enough. The decline of the U.S. has nothing to do with “bad deals.” It is not because China makes things cheaper than we do. It is not because Mexicans come to the U.S… or because extremist Muslims blow each other to bits.

And now, as more and more people see the caddish clown you really are (sorry, but this is no time to mince words), you are going down in defeat.

And yes, you can blame the Republican Party, The New York Times and the rest of the mainstream media for your fall in the polls, but they will be laughing all the way to the inaugural ball.

The nation, meanwhile, will be stuck at least for four years, and probably eight, with the Clinton/Bush/Deep-State cabal.

Real Money, Balanced Budgets

Here with an alternative:

You are right. The system is rigged. It’s time for a change.

Announce a Plan for Real National Renewal. A bold plan. One that will deflect attention away from your slimy character and onto something that really matters. It has three simple points:

1. Honest money – Re-establish a gold-backed dollar. Abolish the Fed.

2. Smaller government – Cut taxes by 50%. Balance the budget.

3. Bury the Deep State – No. 1 and No. 2 above ought to take care of it.

That should be enough.

Real money and a balanced budget will force big cutbacks. The pointless wars will end. The misallocation of precious, scarce resources will be greatly reduced. People will once again borrow, lend, spend, and invest real money… carefully.

Real wealth will increase as a result.

And it should win over the intelligent voters who have thought these things through – both of them.


Bill Bonner

P.S. In the unlikely event that you win, I am available for the top job at the Fed.


[First appeared at the Bonner & Partners Diary]


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  1. "And it should win over the intelligent voters who have thought these things through"

    Yeah that's where the plan fails. It needs enough intelligent thinking voters.


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