Monday, 5 September 2016

Winston starts early


When I started writing this post, it began with the phrase “Winston Peters claims.” And then I realised: what’s the evidential value of anything Winston Peters claims? And the answer, of course, is zero.

Winston Peters has been making up stuff up on the spot for years – it’s his one real skill; that, and faking sincerity. Over the years it’s included everything from the grounding of a Cook Strait ferry to him despising the baubles of office to having paid “hundreds of thousands of dollars” on an inquiry – so there’s no more reason to believe this latest claim, that there will be an early election (roundly trounced by the PM), than anything else he’s dreamed up over the years to get a headline.

Because that’s the only tangible value Winston Peters himself sees in anyof these bogus brain explosions of his: will it get me a headline?

He’ll be overjoyed at this morning’s crop. Especially this far out from an election when he’s normally barely trying.

Just as he’ll be overjoyed at all the discussion this morning about his policy for retired folk to teach young students to drive. Truth is, he couldn’t care less whether they do or not: all that concerns him is that his support base feels the love.

And they do. Whatever he ever chooses to makes up.


1 comment:

  1. Yes, that's right. Visible and audible is alive and inaudible and invisible is dead.
    Making stuff up is ok, and no worse than lying.
    Brown paper bags, No, and early elections . It's ok.
    Without Peters you would have the danger of no opposition at all.


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