Friday, 5 August 2016

Quote of the Day: ‘Microagression’? WTF is that!


“I don't accept the idea of microagression. It's collectivist crap, and people have no right not to be offended... Anyone who would dare to suggest that you don't have the right to insult someone deserves to be insulted in the strongest possible terms."
~ Harry Binswanger, "I Don't Accept the Idea of Microaggression" on YOU TUBE


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  1. I've not watched the YouTube video, but this quote gives the concept of microagression too much credit. This anti-concept is said to be insults/privilege (whatever THAT is) in NORMAL CONVERSATION. In other words, it's a bunch of whiny children complaining about language no reasonable person would have a problem with.

    If they were complaining about actual insults at least has SOME justification; not a legitimate argument, but at least the pretense at one. These cowards aren't even doing that, though. They're trying to destroy the concept of free speech by declaring that no objective criteria are necessary to define hate speech. As long as someone FEELS that what you said MIGHT BE offensive to SOMEONE, that's enough to destroy you.


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