Monday, 25 July 2016

Question for the Day: Do low-wage immigrants make us all poorer?


“No,” says John Stuart Mill:

The exportation of labour and capital from [one country to another], from a place where their productive power is less to a place where it is greater, increases by so much the aggregate produce of the labour and capital of the world.  It adds to the joint wealth of the [both countries].
~ Principles of Political Economy, V.xi s50


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  1. I need to look for your other work on this subject.
    NZ First Immigration policy specifically assumes that immigrants from low wage economies, will hurt NZ workers. And with Nationalism, I doubt that He will see the value of over all aggregate produce of the world. I doubt even that it will be accepted as overall value to New Zealand.
    The spokesman for Immigration was Mahesh Brinda, and now Himself. I am writing to Mahesh, who invites ideas. At the moment I see it [ NZF policy ] as restriction of numbers, and that based on quality.


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