Friday, 15 July 2016

Never let a good crisis go to waste–how the new PM just turned the UK away from warmism


So maybe May isn’t the total ho-hoper many Britons thought she might be.

While everyone was still agog over Brexit and admiring David Cameron’s parting jokes, she moved while their gaze was averted to enthrone Boris as Foreign Secretary, and to create one new department while peremptorily disestablishing another. We’ll get to that shortly, as the media and opponents will too, eventually.

As you’d expect, most of this morning’s headlines are because she’s appointed a buffoon to head abroad and bat for Britain. But how much worse is that than the usual awful office-holders, you wonder? To cite just one contemporary example, could he be any worse than John Fricky Kerry? Could anybody? At least he won’t be inflicting James Taylor on a mourning nation. And perhaps the worst you could say for Boris is that he’ll have instant name recognition whoever and wherever he visits, and how bad’s that for a diplomat needing to open doors?

A few have noted that the new department has Brexiteer David Davis at its head, given the job of peacefully exiting Europe—which at least tells Brexiteers the May Ministry is serious about what voters have told her, and establishes a department whose final mission will be to make itself unnecessary. (Let’s hope his first decision is to give certainty to EU citizens resident in Britain that their residencey remains permanent).

And the old department ready for the high jump? Very few have even bothered to mention it, so far, but this is really the biggest and most important surprise of all, not just because it was one of Cameron’s own love-children – both a symbol of his ministry’s all-encompassing wetness, and as a handbrake on energy use and production one of the many reasons for the country’s economic stagnation—but because it signals a major economy’s turn away from the warmist disease. It is the Department of Energy And Climate Change (DECC) and its disestablishment, says James Delingpole, drives a stake through the heart of a green vampire.

Established in 2008, DECC was a hangover from the Gordon Brown era of woeful misgovernance…
   Under the terms of the Climate Change Act – written by a green activist from Friends of the Earth called Bryony Worthington; endorsed by Cameron’s Conservative opposition and rejected by only five MPs – Britain is legally committed to more stringent “decarbonisation” targets than any other country in the world, at an annual cost of around £19 billion a year…
    Sure, DECC might have seemed on the face of it a nothing department which could safely be handed over to … losers, perverts and half wits….... [but] any department with the word “Energy” in the title – effectively puts the people who run it in charge of a goodly part of the economy…
    DECC’s final incumbent as Secretary of State was Amber Rudd – now promoted to Home Secretary. She seems to be a fervent [warmist]. But this does not appear to be a view shared by her boss Prime Minister Theresa May. Nor, perhaps even more importantly, by May’s right-hand man Nick Timothy who is an implacable opponent of the Climate Change Act….
   It’s true that the most significant benefit its closure will bring lies not so much in saved costs as in the likelihood of reduced regulation. In Britain, as in the rest of the world, green taxes and regulations have added a significant burden to economic growth, as well as having a distorting effect on energy markets.
    This is good news. Very good news. The agonised screeching of all the usual suspects in the Environmental movement will be enough to sustain many of us in lols for weeks and months to come.

Let other countries take inspiration from its axing.

Mr Key, are you watching?


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  1. "The agonised screeching of all the usual suspects in the Environmental movement will be enough to sustain many of us in lols for weeks and months to come." Kindly pass the popcorn. Ballyhoo over computer modeling reminds me of the first thing we learned about computers G.I.G.O. Garbage In = Garbage Out. Using a culturally appropriate substitute for a crystal ball or reading entrails changes nothing about the basics of a proposition which is pure speculation without any possibility of backup by data readings. The future embarrassingly has not happened yet.


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