Tuesday, 26 July 2016

“I alone can solve.”

Amy Peikoff does a line-by-line analysis of Trump’s sobering Convention speech that I had recommended to me, and I finally had the chance to listen.

Surprise, surprise, she finds it unworthy of a serious presidential candidate. Not to mention dangerous in that, rather than offering concrete proposals for any the changes he talks about (beyond, of course, building a damn wall), his go-to position on almost everything is to change the people – to good people, not the losers presently on the front lines -- to change the people without changing the systems, strategies or tactics that have caused all the problems he bewails.

His mantra is “I alone can solve.” Me and my un-named posse of “good people.” He is "your voice."

It’s the mantra of the political strong man, of a Mussolini – of a government of men, and not of laws. She quotes Tim Sandefur: “Even the worst presidents in the past at least genuflected at the altar of our constitutional structure. Trump promises to smash that altar.”

It's a long analysis, but worth it. (You can ignore the discussion at the end with caller "Ed." But you should probably check out the "facts" to which he thinks he's entitled.)

I epecially like her answer to the claim that not voting for the Trumpanzee is a vote for Killary. She invokes the trolley problem. Appropriately.

Listen in here:

PS: If you want a shorter record of the Trump Convention instead of the longer analysis, then take a deep breath:


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