Friday, 29 July 2016

Hillary: America's Moocher in Chief

Michael Hurd on America's Moocher in Chief - and on those who buy her schtick:

Supporting Hillary Clinton — a so obviously soulless, amoral and character-deprived hollow excuse of a person — is one of the ultimate ways to thumb your nose at reality. “If she can get away with it, so can I.” That’s what drove so many to Obama, but Hillary embodies this psychological disfigurement more obviously than Obama ever could. Put simply: If people weren’t paying attention to what Obama said and did, he could get away with a lot; with Hillary, you already know what she is the moment she opens her mouth. If you still don’t care, then on some level you’ve long since given up on any idea of virtue, whether in your own personal life or the body politic.

Friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton have learned the hard way, over the years, how you get thrown under the bus if you align yourselves with such an amoral couple. They’re at their worst when they’re at the peak of their power. Bill-and-Hillary’s third and fourth terms in office will be the culmination of a plot line worthy of a Netflix television series, and even less believable if — sadly — millions of American voters had not made it all too real.

If Hillary wins this election, you can expect her to turn on many of the same citizens and pressure groups who put her in there. How can we know this? Not only because of her history; but also because lying, looting and subduing the rights of citizens are not practical, sustainable actions. Hillary Clinton, like any power-luster throughout history, depends on the weakness and compliance of her victims. She’s a professional parasite, counting on people’s willingness to mooch off the public in order to feed her power. She is the ultimate moocher, running to be moocher-in-chief.


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  1. ahh yes more from Dr Feelgood. Good writing,but the Clintons will not be as President,so he can tell his patients, no further therapy required.


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