Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Has “online harassment” become “a scary norm”?


Via RNZ:

A parenting columnist says she’s been told she “should be raped” and sent photos of dead babies – and other women with an online presence say harassment has become a scary norm.
    A new study led by security company Norton, in which 500 women took part, has found 72 percent of New Zealand women under 30 experience online harassment.
    One in four women said they had received threats relating to death, rape and sexual assaults.

I got a death threat myself just yesterday, my moderator-of-comments tells me. It may have included a threat of sexual assault as well, although it’s hard to know:


This, sadly, is the kind of fetid garbage that pollutes the comments sections of most online fora, and why most of those comments sections are now either moderated or non-existent -- RNZ and Spinoff being just two who’ve turned off comments recently.

But we should all be aware that Norton here are just talking their book. Keyboard warriors writing this unhinged slime are not active activists, they’re just sad and pathetic. A threat only to themselves, not anything for Norton to get any new business over.

But you can understand why comments evverywhere are heading for the high jump.


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  1. I see Norton security are using the line @ One woman in four... is beaten, raped, intimidated, or triggered, you name it , " argument..
    This proposition was successfully used to promote a telefest fund raiser in New Zealand, [ 1980;s ] and it was based on feminist propaganda.
    Blog bile.
    I mentioned to Farrar at Kiwiblog, long ago, that the ticks and downticks rubbish on his blog, was a good way to encourage a narrow and select group of rednecks slim in disguise. The reply was about 8 down ticks.
    Of course Kiwiblog readers can be excused for dumbing down, as Farrar, like his Government, advances towards his ultimate progressive state. The other day there on KB was a sit down fight between two men, giving names and addresses for the show down.
    Brian Edwards has always encouraged using your own name, for obvious reasons. I left my precious blog maiden name @Peter Quixote, evolved to @ Lolitas brother, and now for my given name.
    I remember on PC here, a resident troll @Hashafuckyou, or whatever his name was. I used to look forward to him, followed him on his own blog, but sadly maybe he has gone to where dead trolls go.
    Over at Muriel Newman’s site, you do not go into a trans gender toilet and started writing on the walls. She just will not post it. Everyone posts my typos and syntax jumble though, sometimes I think they make them up.


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