Friday, 1 July 2016

Blog Stats



I haven’t posted my blog stats here for a few months (well, apart from that permanent Google App down there on the left-hand sidebar you can consult anytime you feel like it, just above those automatically generated, and most incorrect, ‘popular posts), so there’s what Google says, above, about how things looked this month, and here below is what Statcounter says:


Apart from both demonstrating that you lot don’t read much when you’re not at work … if you can reconcile the two then you’re a better man than I. So, anyway, here are Statcounter’s figures for the month just finished:

Unique visitors [from Statcounter]: 38,453
Page Views [from Statcounter]: 54,235

As you might notice that looks a bit different to the Google figures at the top, which is a little perplexing:

This sort of suggests that counting stats is far from exact science, one reason I’d stopped posting them. Still, even the lower Statcounter figures would make me the tenth-most read blog in the only place that records NZ blog rankings, and the fifth-most read political blog – and with way fewer ads! (But that blog-ranking system uses SiteMeter, which I don’t use. And for reasons of their own it excludes the two ‘biggies’ who keep their numbers close, their enemies closer, and the advertising smeared all across their pages: Whale Oil and Public Address.)

Anyway, for what it’s worth Google says these are the Top Ten Most-Read Posts from June:

  1. Leaky Homes Part 2: What's going on behind your walls
  2. A villa is not a bungalow
  3. We've got to do something about Islam's war on the west
  4. EU v Liberty: It's all about the law
  5. "Admit it, these terrorists are Muslim"
  6. #NeverTrump: Voting advice from Ayn Rand
  7. Why “releasing” land doesn’t necessarily make land cheaper
  8. The EU explained in one pic
  9. Quote of the Day: On Brexit howling
  10. Immigration is a fundamental human right

And these seem to be the Top-ten sites that send people here:

Kiwiblog, No Minister, Lindsay Mitchell, NZ Conservative, Gus Van Horn, Facebook, Life Behind the IRon Drape (odd, since he doesn’t post any more), Twitter, and Real Good Name. (Thank you all.)

And, clearly, a big but unmeasured hat tip to Leighton Smith. (Thank you, sir.)

So in summary, things are going moderately well, and it seems the blog is still a force in the thinking world. (So if you want to donate to help keep that going, please be my guest at that Pay Pal link up on the top left!) 

Either way: Cheers, and thanks to you all for reading, linking to and talking about NOT PC this month,
Peter Cresswell

PS: Now, for the geeks …

they’re reading Not PC here:


top countries/territories
NZ 52%; US 10%; Australia 7%; India, 1.4%; Germany 1.4%; Canada, 1.4%;  UK 4%;  Thailand 1.1%;
… top cities
Auckland 23%; Wellington 7.5%; Christchurch 5%; Hamilton, 2.1%; Palmerston North, 2.0%; Tauranga, 1.3%; London 1.2%; Dunedin, 1.0%; Gold Coast, 1.0%
… readers' browsers
Chrome, 34%; Mobile browsers, 23%; Firefox/Flock 13%; Tablets, 9%; IE Explorer 9%; Tablets, 8%; Safari 7%
… readers’ OS
Win 7 29%; Mobile, 23%; Win 10, 11%; OS X 11%; Win 8.1, 9%; iOS, 7%; Win XP, 3%; Linux 2%; Android 2%; Win Vista, 1%
…. platform
desktop, 68%; mobile, 24%; tablet, 8%
… readers’ desktop screen widths
1366x768, 23% ; 1920-1080 19%; 1600-1778, 9%; 1440-1536, 8%


  1. Stats are fun, but you'll go nuts trying to make sense out of readership in various countries - they go up only to vanish for an indefinite period after a few weeks of attention. Clicking on Clustrmap gives options that require more checking again - and a laugh at how numbers are not nearly as high as Google's ( perhaps a difference in counting distinct URLs rather than page views ).

    1. Hi Opit, thanks for your thoughts. For some reason, the proportions of my overseas readership hasn't changed much over the years -- those above are pretty close to what they've always been.
      You're right that ClustrMap is a good one to watch too. I used to have it, but it tended to slow down the site loading so I didn't add it back in when the blog look was updated. I hear however that problem is no fixed, so with your reminder (thank you) I've just addded it back there on the left-hand sidebar.


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