Thursday, 30 June 2016

You know, there *are* better options than #ClintonTrump


This is two minutes worth sharing for any voters not happy with the Clinton/Trump option in 2016 (and who in the hell they would both make would be happy?):



But these Libertarian Party candidates have no chance, you say? But Johnson is polling between 12% - 16% in battleground states – and once polls show the ticket at15% then by law (yes, I know) Johnson must be included in all presidential debates. (And you know what a gamechanger that would be.)

But it’s still a wasted vote? The only wasted vote is one for something you don’t believe.

And you can hardly, seriously, say that you could believe in what either of the alternatives represent, can you. Come on, repeat after me:


[Hat tips Monica B.]



  1. That's a cool ad, it's a shame that the media has narrated the election as Clinton or Trump choice.

    B Whitehead

  2. #NeverTrump

    Ok, I voted for Johnson in the last election, why would I not vote for him again (I mean other than the awesome competition he has this time)?


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