Thursday, 23 June 2016

The European Union: A critical assessment [updated]


Guest post by Marian Tupy

The European Union (EU) is a culmination of a long process of economic and political integration among European states. The EU started as a free trade area and a customs union. Over time, it has become a supranational entity that resembles a federal state and is governed by a byzantine bureaucracy in Brussels. The EU claims to have brought about prosperity and stability in Europe, but those claims are increasingly at odds with reality. Europe is becoming worryingly unstable and is falling behind other regions in terms of economic growth. The EU model, which is marked by overregulation and centralization, seems increasingly out of place in today’s world. What European countries need in the coming decades is openness, rather than regional protectionism, and flexibility, rather than overregulation from Brussels. Above all, what European governments need to do is to reconnect with their increasingly restless electorates, rather than ignore the latter for the sake of the unwanted goal of a European superstate.

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  • “I have repeatedly talked about how the very structure of the EU self-selects for sociopaths and/or worse, but perhaps not enough about how that was deliberately built into the design. A feature not a flaw.”
    The European Union’s Dark Secret—–It Was Founded In Deception With An Anti-Democratic Design – David Stockman, CONTRA CORNER
  • “Britons voting in the referendum to leave the EU should be reminded that leaving the EU does not mean leaving Europe… Britain is already outside both the monetary union and Schengen agreement on free travel (making the Brexit vote nothing at all about immigration), while countries both inside and outside the EU are outside and inside both.”
    From what exactly would Britain be Brexiting? – NOT PC
  • More ignorance put to the sword than a Martin Bradbury blog post being fed through a very sharp shredder.
    NZ Herald wrong about EU referendum – LIBERTY SCOTT
  • “I don't delude myself that Britain is suddenly going to become a paragon of individual liberty if a majority votes for Brexit next Thursday…
    “A win for Leave [however] will be a small step on the way back to the truly liberal society Britain once was. A vote for Remain will be the very end of the road for that great tradition.”
    Brexit could be a small step back to Great Britain – KIWIWIT
  • British Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan invites British voters to make him redundant.
    Brits: Make this politician redundant – NOT PC


  1. Yes, thanks PC. Good clean article. BBC debates easy to find on google,for an inspiring speech at the Oxford Union debates, see Daniel Hannan MEP speak for leaving. 12 minutes viewing

  2. The EU (or rather the ECSC) was formed by French Bureaucrats who had been administrators under Vichy. That is to say: Nazis.

    If Britain doesn't leave the EU - I hope TRUMP will Nuke London, Manchester and Edinburgh when he deals with Paris, Marseilles, and Berlin.


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