Friday, 24 June 2016

The EU explained in one pic [updated]


NZers may be bemused at talk of Brexit or non-Brexit – of Leave or Remain.

What exactly is it with the EU? With what exactly was it that folk were voting to Leave or Remain?

Perhaps this will make it easy:


[Hat tip Tom B.]

UPDATE: And right on cue, just as the vote closes – and against everything said by David Cameron and EU flunkies through the course of the campaign about how Britain will renegotiate if it remains in the EU….

There will be no further renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the EU after the referendum, European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker has said.

Because that’s how the EU rolls.







  1. There will be no further renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the EU after the referendum,

    Sure there will. Negotiations on keeping the UK in the European Arrest Warrant, in NATO.

    But best of all, The UK will leave all the dead-socialist hand of the European Court, European "Human Rights", European "Social Chapter", European "Workers Rights" and all that crap. With any luck, PM Johnson, Chancellor Gove & EU Negotiator Farage will finally end the jokes that are the NHS, national insurance, state pensions, all the crap the Churchill hated that Atlee brought in at the end of WW2.

    And where Britain goes: we go! Welfare could be ended in NZ by 202511


    And best of all: Australia, Netherlands, Poland, and perhaps even Germany will go too!

    Winning the vote is just the start: now we have to make sure Britain is not just Great, but is also FREE!

  2. Yes well Juncket's statement gives even more credence to the dreadful conspiratorial stories that the New World Order is very authoritarian.
    EU and Hungary . PC may be able to shed light on Hungary's banking and IMF situation, but these insolent little Easterners are saying they don't want refugees forced upon them by Herr Merkel and Europe Empire overlords.
    They say they would like to negotiate the situation, but that they have a High Court approval to administer the border control of their own country.


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