Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Cornwall Park: host to a new eco-village?


Guest post by SDR

I was intrigued with the interview on NewstalkZB  last week with Malcolm Rands, a former rock musician, a founder of Ecostore Ltd, a recent recipient of the ’Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit ' award and Co-Director of the newly registered company, "Bump Space Ltd." As he stated on air, the founders of the internationally successful Ecostore Ltd  are about to launch an "eco village of 500+ homes,” which will be "far enough out of the Auckland CBD area to be able to market houses at a price, 'lower than the general market value' of around $800,000 each.” 

As the owner of a Cornwall Park leasehold property, I often wonder if, and when, I am to hear that I will be getting new neighbours as part of the citywide drive to overcome the huge shortage of housing.

If this is to happen, then I really hope that this developer's 'village' is the one which is about to arise in the very small section of Cornwall Park which the owners are legally entitled to subdivide (a right  for which  the Cornwall Park Trust Board have paid exorbitant rates over the intervening years).

For all those panic-ridden neighbours and  greenie reactionaries out there: I  guess most of you have never walked through these small paddocks which are but a fraction of "The Park" which we all love to look at and enjoy to wander in.

Also, the Cornwall Park Trust Board are promising all sorts of  "improvements" under their much vaunted, about to be announced, new "100 year Plan for the Park." These planned changes will, I am sure, provide much pleasure and enjoyment to all of us current and future walkers, doggers, joggers, sportspeople and neighbours. However, I am realistic enough to believe that they are not 'mere lollies' but 'a pay off ' for the soon to be announced changes designed by an exorbitably over-paid team of planners and PR "experts."

If I am correct in my supposition that this village is to be my neighbour, then,
i)  I congratulate the Park’s Trust Board for having the courage to exercise their legal right to their own private property rights;
ii) I congratulate Mr & Mrs ex -Ecostore owners for their courage in undertaking such a potentially controversial dream, and wish them every success;
iii ) As a leasehold neighbour who would be significantly affected by you both achieving your dreams, I sincerely hope you can both appreciate and deliver on the dream of all the existing Cornwall Park  leaseholders – and please, can we be given the opportunity to buy the land upon which we have established “our homes."

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