Thursday, 9 June 2016

Bonus Quote of the Day: On Trump


"Trump, on the other hand, is a new phenomenon: hostile, blustering, militantly ignorant egomania. He is the rightly feared “man on a white horse,” a Führer figure, who asks us to substitute for ideas, his claims to personal shrewdness, talent at conniving, and strength. Hillary wants to turn America into France. Trump wants to turn America into . . . what? Argentina under Peron?
    "Being devoid of ideas and standards, Trump has no idea of what is the ‘greatness’ that he wants to confer on America. Lacking the guidance that only a political ideology, however primitive, can provide, Trump in office would react to events randomly, emotionally. Random actions do not create, they destroy. John Gillis is right: Trump is The Chaos Candidate.
    "Trump as president could damage America much more than Hillary ever could. It’s not only the practical disasters he can visit upon us, it’s the philosophic message a Trump election victory would carry: Don’t think, just trust in a strongman."

~ Harry Binswanger, from his article ‘Contra Trump



  1. yeah good Boris. Wisdom from the UK. Boris you have an Islamic Mayor of London. David Cameron says stay in EU. Fix up UK firs Boris

  2. No, It isn't a Boris quote, its some objectivist.

  3. Wow. What a powerful quote. I haven't looked at his writing for a few years now, but maybe I should. Totally agree with Binswanger

  4. He is actually the Trumpenfuhrer! Going to the US in November. It gonna be great.


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