Tuesday, 10 May 2016

So organising parties is now a crime?


Fights over water and recovering from earthquakes aren’t the only problems facing the Canterbury area. Freedom of association is also under threat:

Police have have made it clear that organising after-parties for school balls in Mid Canterbury would be a crime, despite them running safely for 17 years.

“A crime”? Are you kidding?

They have made clear it would be a crime to organise them, or even go to them, in a ruling that applies nationwide.


Turns out after a case in Napier last year, which set a precedent, it is now illegal  to organise and host a party.

The case she referred to was from the district court in Napier, where a man who advertised a party on Facebook that degenerated into a brawl was charged with holding an unlicensed event.
   Police wrote last week to Canterbury secondary school principals and said the ruling meant that it was illegal for anyone unlicensed to run a party where people drink and where there was any sort of money charged, regardless of age.
    The ruling applied to organisers, bouncers and the partygoers themselves.

This, people, is nuts.

But perhaps it does teach young NZers something about the nature of the country into which they are coming into adulthood …


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