Monday, 30 May 2016

Quote of the Day: On ‘leadership’


“My observation is that ‘leadership’ has become a corporate wank-word, a catch-all to describe a fuzzy mélange of personal and organisational actions and behaviours… [H]igh-profile organisations, aided and abetted by the media, take words like ‘leadership’ and use them to create complexity and opacity where none should exist.”
~ by Sam Steele from his latest article at the Footy Almanac titled ‘Does Leadership Matter?



    • “There is no such thing as ‘World Leaders.’ The media's incessant use of the term, ‘world leaders,’ is getting on my nerves. These jokers are lying, conniving Leftist bastards who are ‘elected
      officials’—nothing more.”
      Quote of the Day: On our “world leaders”
    • It is, of course, simply a recipe for encouraging mediocrity and box-ticking, discouraging entrepreneurial experimentation and innovation.  For banishing competition and difference. To substitute conformity for innovation, and “conventional wisdom” for independent thought.
      “Best practice” = the best excuse for mediocrity
    • Noody likes weasel words. Well, except for politicians, academics, salesmen, admen, planners, lawyers, MBAs, members of the American military and bureaucrats everywhere . . . apart from all of them, no one likes weasel words.
      Weasel words – NOT PC
    • Want to talk like a wanker? Then here’s a list of phrases that will help define you…
      How to talk like a wanker

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