Tuesday, 24 May 2016

More Montessori, more child progress


New research confrirms that parents who send their children to a ‘Montessori school’ that attempts to have “some” of the Montessori system which they combine, somehow, with “the best” elements of other pedagogies are tryin to have their cake and eat it too – with their children being the ones to miss out.

Not only do children not experiencing the full Montessori programme miss out on the opportunity for the ”big work” that integrates in their final year all the work they would have done in a fully-integrated Montessori programme (but haven’t been able to), but because the Montessori work they are doing is increasingly out of step with their sensitive periods for learning, children at these Monte-something schools enjoy significantly less progress in their development.

This observation made repeatedly by Montessori directresses is reinforced by a recent study.

Angeline Lillard, author of Montessori - The Science Behind the Genius has published a new study in the Journal of Montessori Research.
    The study found that children advance significantly more in early reading and executive function and to some degree more in early maths, when supplementary non-Montessori materials are removed from their Montessori classrooms.
    To read the full study, please visit this link:https://journals.ku.edu/index.php/jmr/article/view/5678A

[Hat tip Maria Montessori Education Foundation]

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