Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Leicester must be everyone’s new second team


I don’t follow the no-hands game at all, but this story of one of sport’s greatest all-time upsets almost transcends sport: the story of one of soccer’s greatest-ever underdog clubs knocked off some of the highest-paid teams in the highest-paid league in the world – not just over one weekend, but 38!

The Guardian calls it “The feel good sports story of the millennium.” They could be right. A team from nowhere who started the season as 5000 to 1 outsiders –whose preferred starting line-up this season cost an estimated £22m, more than 10 times cheaper than Manchester City's starting XI -- winning what some call the hardest trophy in all sport!

Here’s the story for those who haven’t followed it up ‘til now:

 Leicester City and the greatest underdog story ever told: a primer for Americans

The story was written when “the little team from the East Midlands” had “found themselves” just “one win from the biggest miracle in sports history.”

This morning, they had that miracle.

Great to see that one of the most enjoyable things about sport, its unpredictability, is still alive.


  1. I recall one live bet on them a few weeks ago at enormous odds - the bloke wasn't prepared to sell out early either despite some good offers from the bookie as it began to look scary. I hope he stayed the distance.


  2. Some of us were born there and have Leicester City as a first team. If I didn't think gambling was retarded I'd be mortgage free today.


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