Monday, 23 May 2016

“Get them early, said the Jesuits…”


Get them early, said the Jesuits, and you can indoctrinate them for life. The modern-day mediocricy-mongers have learned that lesson well.

A friend from North Melbourne sent me through this idiocy from their latest primary school newsletter:

You may have seen some important signs popping up around the school and playground as well as a concentrated amount in the Prep corridor. This is due to our busy sign makers who are concluding their Deeper Learning experience which focused on 'how signs and symbols communicate a message and keep us safe in our community.' We have had a busy term and a half focusing on Citizenship which included visits from Kathy, the Police, Fire Brigade and the RACV.
We have also scoped the perimeter of our school and can report that there are "tonnes" of signs keeping our school safe. So beware of passionate little Foundation members promoting their new messages such as "no climbing up the slide", "This way to sick bay/first aid" and the very important "no throwing rocks!"

I should point out that the newsletter s not written by someone for whom English is their second language, but the school’s principal. Anway, here’s just some of what these five-year-olds were encouraged to post around the school as part of their “Deeper Learning Experience” (spot the odd one out):





It all reminded me of this cartoon by Nick Kim:



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  1. This brought a smile as I recall the warning signs in that Tauranga park by the harbour. I wonder if that copy of Free Radical is still in a cupboard somewhere?



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