Thursday, 26 May 2016

2/64 Hapua St, by Claude Megson



I’ve posted some of its beautiful Megson neighbours before (3/64, 54), and now that it’s on the market you can explore the inside of this smaller one-bedroom Megson townhouse/apartment that can still boast a mostly-original interior.


This is one of those very small places that genius makes appear large (even though the furniture arrangement shown has confused lounge and dining spaces): simple things like viewshafts front to back, borrowed scenery, full-height French doors, exposed rafters, subtle changes in level and height, cunningly-placed storage, all-day sun through the lantern over the central dining space, overlapping and nested spaces etc. All very thoughtfuly done, and very efffective indeed at turning a small jewel into what feels like a large-souled space.


Megson used to talk about a house being something you would sometimes want to wrap around yourself like a cloak, and other times just disappear. This small place fits the bill.


NB: If you’re keen to experience it properly, in the flesh,, there are Open Homes this Saturday and Sunday avo.



[Pics by Ray White Real Estate. Cross-posted at the Claude Megson Blog]


  1. Would his original interior colours have been white? Seems a bit harsh, especially the brick fireplace. Otherwise lovely,thank you

  2. Faggwell .lets see ANYTHING you have shit out of your Arsehole..and call "Architecture", lately...

    come on..don't be shy...

    or are you not proud of your abominations....

  3. I tripped over the step ups, broke nose on the squares. One big flat floor is best.

  4. I tripped over the step ups, broke nose on the squares. One big flat floor is best.


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