Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Quote of the Day: Racism versus individualism


“Racist ideas are formed by an overall attitude of collectivism, that group identity matters more than individual identity, action and choice. … Among other things, a racist thinks the way he or she does because of an erroneous assumption that you can determine a person’s character [not by their individual actions or choices but] by the colour of their skin or racial ancestry. Unchosen genetic characteristics have nothing to do with individual character, and therein lies the error of racial prejudice…
    “The only way to convince a racist to stop being racist is to promote individualism. It’s an uphill task, at best. People with racist attitudes are usually afraid. Sometimes their fear is irrational, as with conspiracy theories and the like. Sometimes their fears are valid, in that they fear an erosion or elimination of their individual freedoms and liberties. Valid fears do not excuse racism, because racism, aside from its moral implications, is based on the logical fallacy of collectivism. You’re not going to restore or preserve individual freedom by promoting an idea such as racism, which is based on the power of the group over the individual…
    “Racists are already bogged down in mistaken thinking that devalues the individual—which, by extension, must include his or her own individuality. The racist does not suffer from too much self, but lack of a rational, integrated and healthy self. The racist needs to explore the power of his or her own individuality, and by extension learn to appreciate the individuality of others.”
    ~ Dr Michael Hurd, from his post
       ‘Researchers Say Meditation Cures Racial Prejudice: Science or Silliness?


  1. Quoting the claptrap pop drivel psychobabble Michael Hurd earns minus ten points Peter. Recovery is possible. Do not read psychotrash therapists.

    1. Nothing psychobabble about Mr Hurd, Paul. Do you have anything substantial to say?

    2. Dr Hurd just parroted all that from Ayn Rand, a hypocrite who was herself a racist.

      If you want insight into psychology or neuroscience, listen to experts in those fields. Not some tool who thinks Rand was an expert on everything.

    3. So you actually have nothing at all to say. So maybe just don't bother in future, eh.


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