Thursday, 14 April 2016

Quote of the day: On progress-deniers


“I do believe that we have reached the stage at which it is a moral and scientific obligation to recognise
global poverty has been declining rapidly;
      b) that decline is largely due to increased economic freedom around the world.
    “People who are ignorant of these facts may be informed and forgiven. People who deliberately deny or avoid acknowledging these facts, after they have been informed, need to be confronted with the fact that through their denial of these facts they are perpetuating global poverty.
    “Despite all the flaws of free-market capitalism as practiced around the world today, with respect to global poverty alleviation Adam Smith's "System of Natural Liberty" unambiguously holds the moral high ground. Those who deny this fact could trigger
      a) a resurgence of Marxism, and the potential to see another 100 million or more murdered; or
      b) an exacerbation of misanthropic environmentalism, according to which ;saving the planet’ is so urgent that human life no longer matters.
    “I see both manifestations of the anti-capitalist meme as supremely threatening to humanity.”
~ Michael Strong


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