Tuesday, 5 April 2016

‘Fugit Amor,’ by Auguste Rodin



"Fugit amor" is the Latin for fugitive or transient love…


The Rodin Museum explains the piece:

‘Fugit Amor’ is without question one of Rodin’s most beautiful compositions: the two straining bodies are combined in one perfect flowing movement. This two-figure group, which appeared twice on ‘The Gates of Hell,’ [depicting figures from Dante’s ‘Inferno,’ and] was exhibited as an independent work from 1887 under the names ‘The Dream’ and ‘The Sphinx,’ which show how closely it related to the Symbolist aesthetic of the enigmatic woman.  
    In the second circle of Hell, Dante describes the eternal wandering of couples bound by their sin of forbidden love, [the two depicted here being Paolo & Francesca,] to which Rodin added a Baudelarian theme.
   This sculptural interpretation of the fantasies and anguish of Rodin’s generation was a huge success, so much so that numerous versions in bronze and marble now exist.




[Pics by Musee Rodin, Art Archive & ARTExplorer]

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