Sunday, 6 March 2016

Trump’s chumps


Guest post by Suzuki Samurai

There are those who run the world (or try to), and others who make it run.

The latter – the truckies, the mechanics, the farmers, the builders, the creators, the second-job-mum, and the small business owners – these are all the dwindling majority; a majority of middle-class grafters trying to make a better life for themselves. These folk are angry that they see their hard work made harder by the imposition of taxes, and ever-increasing rules getting in their way of their daily lives.

They're angry because they see their hard-earned money given to bludgers of both the high and low orders.

They're angry at the politicians for their lying and cheating; living on the hog with gold-plated pension schemes, business-class travel, top hotels, and large expense accounts.

They are pissed off with special favours for big business; special privilege for specific racial groups; the light sentencing of thieves, rapists and murders. They swear and curse at their T.V. when it shows some privileged lefties holding up work on a new mine for the sake of a rare frog or spotted gnat.

If they realised that every dollar they've earned from every single hour they've worked from January 1st to somewhere in mid-May has been siphoned off by the tax man, they would (hopefully) go stratospheric. But they don’t yet realise that.

Instead, in the USA, these folk have been voting for more of the same old dreary republicans. The GOP (once Grand, now just Old) has been wheeling out these all-suit-and-teeth hollow men for years, peddling them as some kind of kindred spirit to this constituency. These safe but hollly types have all given lip service to upholding the constitution; to reducing taxes & the size of government; but they’ve never meant a word of it. The reality is always same – more and more of the same.

So it is hardly surprising then that this orange cock of a man Trump has been getting the support he has. It’s different enough having a man with cotton candy hair that’s made out of piss (to steal a quip from Penn Jillette). That he is abrasive too makes him seem like the regular guy that they see in themselves. That he's built (and destroyed) businesses makes him seem like an example of their own aspirations.

Alas, that his bat-shit ignorant zero-sum economics are akin to two seven-year-olds in a school yard arguing over who ate more lollies doesn't seem to have an effect on their weird worship of the wanker. Nor that his moronic and flat-out wrong attitudes to international trade are just flat wrong, and would see Americans losing jobs and wealth by even bigger margins than those he claims; neither that the filth he spews on immigration –on poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free -- reveals him as something much, much worse than just an ignoramus.

The GOP has profoundly misread the electorate – completely missed the anger & fear.

Maybe next time it might find someone equally brash, but this time economically literate, and constitutionally aware. Next time it might think to find a straight talker who can appeal to the productive voters: by unapologetically giving it good and hard to the establishment, but this time without also being a fake wanker. If the republic is still around lets all hope the GOP find someone who is actually down to earth – but not so far down they actually are rolling around in the dirt.

Perhaps next time they'll find one among them that doesn't just promise to uphold the constitution, but has also read it, and likes it. I'll not hold my breath.

If Trump, by some catastrophic happening becomes the next president of the United States -- that is, that he becomes 'Commander & Chief' for Christ's sake, and even what was once able to be called The Leader of the Free World – then he'll not have to demand the Mexicans pay for his ''great big beautiful wall.” I reckon the Mexicans will chip in voluntarily and build it themselves before Trump is inaugurated.

God bless America?

God help it I say.


  1. You forgot mass immigration Peter

    Quick someone report this waacist to the political commissars

  2. Ahm votin for Donald Trump // but good article Suzuki.


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