Thursday, 17 March 2016

New blog by an old troll


You already know and love this entity (and you may even feel that you know it only too well!). Yet I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that the unacknowledged genius that is my troll calling itself socialist hashasin needs a much wider audience if it is going to achieve the fame and fortune its rich learning and thoughtful and abundant commentary thoroughly deserves.

To date you have only seen a very small sample of this entity’s great wit and wisdom, its tart insights, its artful use of capitalisation, its creative sense of spelling and grammar. I have come to realise however that the genius of the troll’s tender and moving contributions should no longer be ignored or travailed, and since they sit so uncomfortably here at NOT PC against my own pale unaccomplished work, I have started a blog for the entity so its talent may be properly and lovingly showcased in the sort of space it deserves – and will be updating it both from the archive, and as new contributions come in.

Even with the few compositions on display, it is already a thing of wonder.

Who could fail to be moved by its thoughtful intelligently-argued positions on world events. Who could not be persuaded by the sparkling wit and single-minded focus on display.

Visit now, and sit back in awe at the scale of its profundity, and the breadth of its many insights.

You can find its site, loving tended, at .



  1. Wow. Words fail me; it truly is a thing of wonder.

  2. Just wow, all the makings of a student anarchist in there somewhere, with a bit of development maybe even a university Prof, definitely a SJW, a feminist, the possibilities are rich and endless. Mr Soros has yet again created a masterpiece.

  3. A true genius

  4. The awesome command of English and ability to articulate a vision is quite inspirational, socialist hashasin's eloquence is wasted here. Perhaps socialist should consider a career in politics, that way the speeches would reach a wider audience and give the evening news a much needed boost, it would also provide a nice counterbalance to Martyn Bradbury.

  5. You actually have the time to make a blog for a troll? I hate to break this to you Peter: you're a loser who doesn't have a life.

    1. You know how much time it takes to make a blog? Here's a hint: It takes much less time than policing the troll's spam.


    You are such a thin skinned loser cress well ROFLMAO

    such a unhinged total LOSER lol

  7. I'll give a $5 and some washed nappies for hashasin. You are misunderstood and much in need of the love not gotten ever.


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